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Jan Gerken

A computer scientist who is the lead developer and project manager of SILVA, SILVAngs as well as the EukMap web application developed within the Opens external link in new windowUniEuk project.


Pablo Yarza

A molecular biologist with ample experience in taxonomy data management and phylogenetic analysis. Active SILVA collaborator since 2008 and staff at Opens external link in new windowRibocon since 2012. His interests are data curation, data integration and quality management, seeking for efficient networking and sustainable information infrastructures.


Frank Oliver Glöckner

Frank Oliver had worked with ARB since he started his career in microbiology at the Technical University Munich 25 years ago. Inspired by Wolfgang Ludwig's vision to create a software that brings together biologists and computer scientists in the field of sequence analysis and phylogeny to serve the community, he initiated the SILVA project in 2005.



Jörg Peplies

A trained biologist with a focus on technology development for diagnostic microarrays to identify microorganisms. He spend already many years in working with ARB at the MPI in Bremen. He is now the CTO of the company Opens external link in new windowRibocon and provides his expertise in alignments, data curation and phylogeny for the project.


Marlis Reich

A molecular ecologist who is interested in the role of fungi in marine ecosystems. By using the SILVA database for studying fungal biodiversity, she improves the alignment and taxonomy of fungal sequences in the SILVA core set and creates sequence datasets enriched in contextual information.


Bernhard Fuchs

A molecular ecologist who wants to know "Who is out there?" and "What are they (the microorganisms) doing?". With about 15 years of ARB experience behind him he is the lead tester of the new databases and ARB versions. His team provides sequences, designs probes and curates the alignments.


The ARB development Team in Munich

Many thanks to Wolfgang Ludwig, Ralf Westram and Oliver Strunk for decades of expertise in ARB phylogeny and databases. The SILVA project could have never been realised without the long-standing support in software development and database curation by the Munich Team.


The Molecular Ecology Group at MPI Bremen

More than 30 Opens external link in new windowmolecular ecologists are working under the guidance of Rudolf Amann on diversity analysis, in situ hybridisation, cloning and sequencing. They are our extended test bed for all the developments. They provide curated sequences and new ideas for ARB and SILVA.

Former members

  • Alan Beccati
  • Alireza Rezaei Mahdiraji
  • Andreea Ciuprina
  • Christian Quast
  • Elmar Prüße
  • Gerrit Bruns
  • Karin Dietrich
  • Markus Klimmek
  • Pelin Yilmaz
  • Timmy Schweer

Former students

  • Arne Böckmann
  • David Leinhäuser
  • Irena Kuzmanovska
  • Kim Philipp Jablonski
  • Ralph Florent
  • Razvan Panea